We are looking to cooperate with manufacturers

Working with us you will get

Selling of the total harvest

Maximum profit for a reasonable fee

Official representation on the ukrainian and foreigh markets

Saving on management and sales systematization

Honesty, plain dealing, transparency in transactions

Brand recognition



and harvests


We deliver the products
to our warehouse

Alma Fruit

We accept the
products for sale

Wholesale markets and depots

Retail chains

Export to our foreign partners

Final consumer

Satisfied customer, brand loyalty

Choose the type of cooperation that is the most suitable for you

Working with us you will get

Payment after unloading

Payment received in the shortest time possible.
The products are paid for immediately after the quality checking. This type of cooperation is advantageous for the manufacturer/importer due to prompt settlement of accounts, but in this case the price for the products will be lowest.

Payment with respite

Payment is received after the end of the agreed respite (14-28 days after the products unloading on the average). In this case, the price payable to the manufacturer/importer is higher than that for payment after delivery.


Many partners choose this type of cooperation as the most suitable one. In this case, the manufacturer/importer receives the maximum payment for the products while paying only a fee in the amount of the agreed percentage or in the set amount for each shipment. Payment is made after the shipment is sold out and after mutual approval of the report on the selling of this shipment.

We also help our manufacturing partners by making investments and supporting them at any manufacturing stage. It could be consulting, allocation of funds for processing, gathering, packing, yield storage or purchasing of new planting material.

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Procurement Manager

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Logistics Department

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Marketing Department

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Sales Manager

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Packaging Manager

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Export manager

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