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Almafruit Company was born in Ukraine — the country located in the very centre of Europe. Ukraine is known worldwide for its rich black soil that has a positive effect on the agricultural productivity and gives the agricultural products the best energetic and gustatory properties. In Ukraine, there are territories with mountainous terrain and with vast plains basking in the sunshine. Thanks to that, the yield of cereals and sunflower seeds is so high. Ukraine is one of the top cereals exporters and is considered the leader in sunflower oil exporting who has sidelined even such serious market players as Russia and Argentina. Most of the export is possible due to the ports located on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine, as well as for its interesting national traditions and customs.

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Our advantages


We cooperate only with the best packaging manufacturers, use high-quality and eco-friendly materials and implement new solutions in packaging and design. We can also carry out individual projects developed specifically to meet your requirements.

Excellent taste

You will see it for yourself when you try the products from Ukraine. This is not just our point of view; this is an opinion of our long-term clients in near and far-abroad countries.


Choosing us as a regular supplier, you will get a reliable partner ready to help 24/7. We do not let issues be left unsolved.

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