Calibres: 50-55 55-60 60-65 65-70 70-75 75+

A medium-sized pear with an elongated bottle. The Conference pear is similar in appearance to the large-sized Bosc pear. The average weight of a pear is from 135 g to 150 g. The fruit skin is thick, greenish-brown, becoming pale yellow when ripe, with rough ginger or golden brown spots on the sun-exposed side. The flesh is white, but turns pale yellow when the pear is ripe. The texture is very fine and soft, and the flavour is sweet. This is an autumn variety (cultivated variety) of the European pear (Pyrus communis). This variety of pear was developed in Britain by Thomas Francis Rivers. It owes its name to the fact that it won first prize at the National British Pear Conference in London in 1885.

Kyrgyz pear
Calibres: 55-60 60-65 65-70 70+

Fruits are attractive, large and one-dimensional. The average weight may reach 225-245 g. Fruits are oblong, covered with green-yellow skin that at the stage of full ripeness gets a beautiful golden-yellow colour with bright reddish blush covering the entire surface of the fruit. The flesh is cream in colour, with a slight yellowish tint. The texture of the ripe flesh is dense, coarse grained, with nice astringent taste. The fruits are known as transportable and very long-keeping variety. They can be perfectly preserved in an ordinary domestic refrigerator.

Calibres: 70-80 80-90 90+

Pears are large, weighting from 180 g to 250 g, and fruits grown on young trees reach 250-320 g in weight. With proper care, regular crown thinning and rationing of fruit inception, the weight of pears reaches a maximum of 500 g. Pears have a sour-sweet taste. Fruits are green in colour, and become yellow with slight reddish, blurry blush on the sun-exposed side when fully ripened. The flesh of the pears is white, soft, juicy, with oily texture, very fragrant. Fruits are oblong, pear-shaped, with unequal sides and deep grooves. The skin is thick, dense, covered with numerous light brown lenticels. The variety was developed by K. Dushutina as a cross between two varieties of pears: Triumph de Vienna and Nikolai Kruger. It is known for good cold hardiness; the variety is immune to such diseases as scab, powdery mildew and bacterial blight.

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